What are Gummerz?

Gummerz are an effective "Oral Sex Enhancer". Gummerz also make the perfect "GAG" gift (obvious pun intended). Read on to find out more.

Gummerz Oral Sex Enhancer

Gummerz are a simple yet effective mouth guard that prevent teeth from scraping against the penis shaft and head when receiving oral sex.

Men have long suffered from this penis scraping known as "shred head". Until now our only recourse was to suffer in silence - No longer.

The Oral Sex Timeline

The launch of Gummerz in 2008 represents the first major advancement in oral sex since the "Pearl Necklace".

The timeline below illustrates every major advancement in oral sex since man disovered that a woman's mouth was capable of more than just annoying him:

Oral Sex Timeline

More Than Just Protection

During extensive "hands on" testing and development, the Gummerz team realized that not only did Gummerz protect the penis, but Gummerz also greatly enhanced the overall pleasure from oral sex. Why? Because this soft barrier of flesh-like material allowed our partners to rub their covered teeth against our penises. The added friction and intensity is nothing short of amazing. You have to feel it to believe it!

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